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Abacus & Chess
Art & Craft

More than Just a Preschool

We provide hands-on early childhood learning experiences to develop their basic education concept and elementary reading skills. The different learning areas that we cover at the best preschool in Kestopur, help preschoolers to achieve significant gains to become responsive respectful adults in the future.

Day Care

We bring you effective, secure & one of the best daycare centre in Kestopur to look after your kids while you are away for work. Our warm, cozy and homely atmosphere is perfect to allow your kid to stay with ease and without any anxiety. We foster your kid for their daily development and growth.

Abacus & Chess

The technique of learning is an art. With abacus training in Kestopur, we help your child to learn the process of learning. With advanced abacus training, we prepare every child for a secure future. Once they master the abacus, they will be able to successfully analyze numerals and will try to find the logic behind everything in life.

Art & Craft

Jumpstart to bring out your child’s inner talents with advanced drawing classes in Kestopur from GenX Kids. We aim to make crafting fun for kids and find out the hidden sides of your k. Our various activities revolve around fun and games, as we help the children grow better every day.

Why Genx Kids ?

Back in 11th March 2018, GenX Kids, one of the best kindergarten in Kestopur, started its journey towards building a safe and caring space for children. We established our services to help little future scholars in this area to grow, develop and learn… read more

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